Sunday, August 4, 2013

All you need. . .

Since getting back home 3 days ago, I've hardly had time to process anything.  1 wedding, 2 bachelorette parties and a family reunion.  The last few das have been full of friends, family and laughter.  

I hve had such an amazing journey these last 4 months, and am so grateful to all my friends and family I met along the way.  Today I started to get a little sad, thinking my journey was over.  But then my friend Cris reminded me that my journey isn't over.  It continues for the rest of my life.  

I set out on a journey to see more love in the world, to find hope and joy in people's lives.  15 states, 8 flights, 5 buses, 4 trains, 4 car trips, and a bicycle ride later. . . I am amazed at how much I saw, and how many people touched my life.  I feel blessed to know so many fun, amazing, open hearted and open armed people in this world.  Not only did I see more love on my journey, but I felt it.  I shared it.  I thought it and spoke it and hope the ripples can keep on rippling.  

This journey helped me to see more love in my own life, and bring the loudness of joy to the surface.  What a beautiful life, with loving people.  Like Rumi said "When you open to love, you are helping people you don't know and have never met."  

In the midst of our crazy world, we can still approach our lives and the people in it with love.  If we could all see the world through lenses of love, the world would be a happier, healthier and safer place to be.  Imagine the possibilities if you chose to live intentionally with more love in your life.  Who would you forgive?  What peace would settle on your heart? 

I learned too many things from people along the way to put into words, but the few lessons I will leave you with for now are this.    Life is precious.  Forgive yourself.  Love is everywhere.  Every single person is beautiful, and can teach you something if you listen. Life may get stressful or hard, but every morning wake up saying "Joy, joy, joy."  Joy that you are alive, joy that you are you, joy that your life is full of love - you just have to remember to open your eyes to it.  Are your eyes open?  Go tell someone right now that you love them!  And then tell that to yourself.  Life really is as cheesy as the Beatles make it sound - all you need is love!

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